Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Year 5 of of HUC has begun for me. Officially, I am a 4th year student because I will not be ordained until 2008 (b'ezrat HaShem, with the help of God). But some 5th year things have already happened: I have given my 5th year sermon, and, well, it is my fifth year in the school.

I'm very excited about my classes. I'm taking Jewish Ethics with Dr. Rachel Adler, Intermediate Talmud with Dr. Joel Gereboff, American Jewish Community with Dr. Bruce Phillips, and Ezra/Nehemia with Dr. Tamara Eskenazi. This year I will be a Kalsman Institute intern, but since those plans are not yet final (my interview with a possible supervisor is tomorrow) I will wait to share any details.

I've already got more homework "than I can shake a stick at," as my grandmother used to say, and all of it is interesting.

More later!


catattack said...

How did your senior sermon go?

Emily DeVoto said...

Look at you blogging for the last year and a half! Who knew? You're going into my blogroll, girlfriend...