Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I found a lovely blog recently, Octogenarian. If you are interested in Israel, Jews in America, and/or common sense, I recommend the writing of this retired journalist. I've already emailed with him to get permission to tell his stories in sermons.

High Holy Day prep is underway at my house, along with a bunch of neglected housekeeping. And if you recall from earlier posts that I was working hard on a paper towards a theology of Jewish Peoplehood, I am happy to report that (1) I finished it and (2) my teacher says it's a good beginning. Sweeter words I cannot imagine. I've already made a list of next steps.

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Mortart said...

I was highly flattered by your reference to my blog ( It was very kind of you. I am always curious as to how one encounters some one else's blog. You never told me how you found my blog. I found yours by discovering there was something called JewishBloggers, and there you were. I hadn't ever registered my blog there, so that couldn't have been your source. Pardon my curiosity, but where are you enrolled as a rabbinical student?