Sunday, April 24, 2005

I spent a little time browsing the MAZON website this evening. MAZON calls itself "the Jewish Response to Hunger" and they've got a lot of interesting facts on the site.

These facts about hunger in Israel shocked me:

22% of Israeli citizens – approximately 1,100,000 people – are food insecure.

Of those Israeli citizens who are food insecure, 60% are Jewish, 20% are Arab, and 20% are new immigrants.

According to the National Insurance Institute, nearly 30% of Israeli children – approximately 690,000 – live below the national poverty line.

Over 20% of Israel’s elderly live below the national poverty line.


If you want to do something about hunger in Israel, or hunger anywhere else, check it out. This is another way to include a stranger at your table this Passover.

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