Sunday, April 25, 2004

I'm taking a little break from study. I have a nice rhythm set up here -- I study, I break for housework, I study some more, I break for laundry, I study, I file, I study, I check my email. I think I'm getting the hang of Midrash, a little. (Probably those are famous last words.)

I have been using some new exercises that have done wonders for my orthopedic problems. I originally found out about the Egoscue method by accident (I saw a book in a used book store) but after a few weeks of doing it, I'm sold. I recommend it if you have what the Arthritis Foundation quaintly refers to as "twinges in the hinges". For me, it has been MUCH better than drugs.

I read an article today about Midrash by a French scholar named Bloch. He pointed out that the root behind the word has to do with "searching" -- in this case, searching for the meaning of the text. When we get frustrated with the difficult or confusing verses in the Torah, we're not alone. The rabbis were confused, too. They "drashed" out the meaning, and my sense is that they expected we'd still be doing it today.

Shavuah tov -- have a good week!

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